Detailed Service Listing


If you have a small network, large network, or no network at all, we at Seaside Systems can help you get the most out of your existing computer investment. We have experience and training in configuration of all types of Local Area Networks(LAN's) as well as Wide Area Networks(WAN's). So whether you have a single office location, or locations all over the country, we can create the network that works for your business.

System Design and Integration

If you are ready to make your next technology investment, Seaside Systems can help you make the right decision for your business. From setting up a single computer in your office for word processing and spreadsheets to setting up multiple computers in multiple locations, we will guide you in the right direction, or make the purchase for you. After you have made the technology investment, we will setup your equipment so that you can get right to work, with as little downtime as possible.


You've had your computer for 6 months now. You've learned Microsoft Word. Now it is time to explore what else you can do with your computer. Let the staff of Seaside Systems train you and your staff how to get the most out of your computer or other technology device. Whether you have no knowledge of computers, or have been using them for years, we can custom tailor a training program for you to get the most for your budget.

Web Page Design

Whether you've created a flourishing business or you are starting from the ground up, your business needs a web presence. Let Seaside Systems give you the look your business needs to get your customers interested in your products and services. From basic advertising and informational web sites, to interactive presentations, we can deliver a web presence that reflects your businesses dedication.

Web Application Design, Programming and Implementation

You have your businesses presence on the web. You have your customers requesting the same information on a regular basis. It is time for your web site to take the next step. We at Seaside Systems can design, program and implement an interactive web application that allows your customers to get the most from your company while you continue to do what you do best, grow your business.

Database Design, Programming and Implementation

Your business is growing at an incredible rate. You have your financial information in one program, your client information in another, and your employee information in yet another program. Let the staff of Seaside Systems create a custom database application so that you can tie all your information together and function more efficiently. We can also incorporate this information into your web site to allow your customers access to their own information or services.

PDA Database Programming including Bar Code Technology

Your workforce has let you know they can be more productive if they could make their data collection mobile and automated. Let our staff design and implement a mobile solution for your workforce. We can also incorporate the use of bar code technology to allow even more productivity and eliminate errors inherent in data collection.

Lead Tracking

Your business is growing at an incredible rate. You have sales leads piling in from all different sources. You are distributing these leads to your sales force, but your business is not growing at the same rate as the leads coming in. Let Seaside Systems create a Lead Tracking system for you to follow your leads. We can configure your system so that at a click of the button, you will know what leads are close to becoming clients, and which members of your sales force are not following up on leads.

Lead Retrieval Systems

Your have been invited to a conference to display your products and services. You have been informed that some of the customers that will be visiting your display are ready to buy now. Let our team create a Lead Retrieval system for your sales force to help identify which potential customers you need to devote your sales force to, and also plan which potential customer you need to focus on in the near future.