StacyLeeWalter: does Melissa have an AIM screenname?
GT1GT1: not sure
GT1GT1: I will check, why, whats up?
StacyLeeWalter: just wanted to talk to her
GT1GT1: ahh...ok
StacyLeeWalter: no particular reason - just wanting to be friendly
GT1GT1: I will check
StacyLeeWalter: and I never knew if she had one before, but I figured you would know if anyone would
GT1GT1: I know she is busy with planning for the baby, etc, but I will try to talk to her when I can
StacyLeeWalter: ok cool thanks
GT1GT1: I know she has aol, but she isn't on it that much
StacyLeeWalter: yeah I knew that she had that too, and so I thought she might have a screen name
GT1GT1: she should, prob is, she doesn't sign onto aol that much, so she would need an aim name to im her
StacyLeeWalter: well thats ok
StacyLeeWalter: I just emailed her also, but I was thinking I could talk to her if she were online sometimes, but its not a big deal
StacyLeeWalter: I don't really have any other way to talk to her, and I would like to.
GT1GT1: I hear ya
GT1GT1: they are so busy with his jobs, and her going out to setup the baby room, etc, fun fun stuff
StacyLeeWalter: yeah I noticed that they aren't home really often
StacyLeeWalter: she's still working though, for now, right?
GT1GT1: yep
GT1GT1: I didn't even think, did you know she is preg?
GT1GT1: I'm sorry
StacyLeeWalter: yeah
GT1GT1: used to everyone knowing
StacyLeeWalter: through the grapevine, we hear most stuff
StacyLeeWalter: although I dont know how far along she is
GT1GT1: lol, um ok
StacyLeeWalter: I guess since you said that she's been working on the baby's room that they are planning on staying in the area? It was something I had wondered if they would, or if they would move back closer to their families
GT1GT1: nah, staying the area as far as I know
StacyLeeWalter: when's she due?
GT1GT1: nov
GT1GT1: mind if I ask who you heard her being preg from?
StacyLeeWalter: well technically, from Dave
StacyLeeWalter: but the source that told him, MIke
GT1GT1: how the hell did he know?
StacyLeeWalter: the way I understand it, from some girl that got a DUI and had to stay with Sean & Melissa a night
StacyLeeWalter: they todl her, and I guess she either told him, or someone that knows him
GT1GT1: wow, ok
StacyLeeWalter: I guess he still talks to a lot of people from here
GT1GT1: guess so
StacyLeeWalter: as I said, it was through the grapevine
GT1GT1: no shit, lol
StacyLeeWalter: I'm surprised that she's not farther along than a month or two
GT1GT1: not that I know of
StacyLeeWalter: well I'm happy for them
GT1GT1: I will let them know
GT1GT1: lol
StacyLeeWalter: but it's time for me to head to lunch, so I'll talk to you later then
GT1GT1: ok, have fun